About Us

Mission Statement

Our vision is to help these young men and women achieve their goals, dreams, pursue their education or career. Our purpose is to restore hope to him who has no hope. Help the obtain their ID, drivers license, GED, etc. Our desire is to walk this journey with them. Praying that their foundation would be built on the revelation of Jesus Christ the Eternal Rock.

Why We Do it

About us and our ministry

Pastor James Macon was ordained Pastor on November 11, 2011 by Pastor Gaspar Anastasi of Word of life Ministries in Fort Myers, Florida.

He is currently ministering in the Lee County Stockade where he has been ministering for eight years along with outreach in the communities and the surrounding areas. Married to Ruth August 31, 2013 they started an orphanage ministry in which they love on these children who have been abused, neglected, rejected, unwanted and abandoned.

As they go into these facilities their main purpose is to lift up the name of Jesus and allow God to use them to be His expression of love to these sons and daughters of God. The goal of each ministry is to preach the gospel of Jesus and make disciples of all nations.

Also Pastor James and Ruth ministers at hospice, hospitals, nursing homes and house visits. We started this ministry at the end of 2015 during the Christmas holiday as we visited the children’s shelter with Rich and Kelly, our friends of ten years. It was during this that God birth this love in our hearts for these kids.


Partner with us!

Donate your time, money or influence with these children. We would love to show them the love that God has for them.

Board of Directors